Shot on the F65 for Todd Selby

Shot on the F65, director was Todd Selby.  We used Ultra Prime lenses.  Editor is Jesse Malings. Was a really great two-day shoot.  The camera’s mechanical shutter is really quite lovely and shooting in raw color space gives the colorist and all a lot of room to play with. Very happy with this one.

The Importance of Trusting Your Own Opinion

I’ll admit it, I use camera forums a lot.  Too much, probably. I use them to check out the latest cameras and lenses and lights and accessories. I waste about two hours a day on them.  Time I could spend watching “the View.” When I started out shooting part-time in 2005, I got a DVX100 because a juggler who was…

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve StudioScreenSnapz731

Stills from F65 Shoot – “Minor + Major”

Went into footage from what I shot on the F65 – a film going to be called, “Minor + Major” – and graded with filmconvert alexa profile over the Sony F65 raw compressed profile.  I graded from the sgamut3.cine and slog3 as a starting point and then tweaked from there. Really, really happy with Filmconvert.  I think I need to…

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve StudioScreenSnapz708

some stills, feature shot on sony f65

  loving this new camera I have, -i got the sony f65 camera from Kazim – and it’s a camera for the modern era.  The F35 I think, even though it has really nice color and motion, it’s from a different era. This camera has a mechanical shutter and 800 asa which I push 1 stop easily to 1600 ASA…

thoughts after watching a fred elmes film

Thoughts after watching Fred Elmes’ beautiful work on Synedotcy, NY even a pitch black night scene you can have heavy backlight and just a tiny bit of blue gel over the light and hotspots – it’s more about deeper shadows very important to have the wardrobe and make up and production designer work with you – to make color the…


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